Born in 1992 in Nature.

Mother who liked plants, Father who let him play freely in nature. He loved nature by touching, feeling, and loving nature as much as he wanted since he was young due to the influence of his parents.

The boy liked Fabre, so he never let go of books about Fabre every day.

Before I knew it, the boy grew up to be in pure love and later felt the pain of parting and fell into pain.

When he couldn't get out of it easily, He walked around the park by himself every day for no reason,.

Rain, wind, sunlight, flowers, scents, trees, rivers and things in nature. Came to him with various emotions and he could only breathe there.

He realizes that there is emotion in all these things and focuses on their minds.

Suddenly the emotions began to become stories.

He puts them into his favorite fashion and they are drawn into his head.

Already, ZODAESANG began to be made from then on.

In order to bring out the fashion that was drawn in his head, He decided to learn professionally and enter a fashion school.

Since then, he has gained experience in French-based fashion brands. Attitudes toward fashion beautifully there.

These experiences made him love fashion even more.

Later, in 2023, The first collection of ZODAESANG, a brand made from HEART, was introduced in PARIS